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"A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside."


- Denis Waitley

Dr. Waggener is amazing. He is very personable with his patients and actually cares about your teeth. He suggests the best treatment plan for you but not for his pocket. Also, he does a lot of volunteering work abroad. He works with the newest technology and combines it with his experience. I feel bad for leaving Florida because I lost my dentist. Highly recommend.

- Lana R.

My entire family goes to Dr. Waggener. I left the practice once because his office doesn't accept my insurance company's accepted rates, so I have to pay out of network, and amts. above their scale but I came back to his practice because after checking out two other dentist offices, I realized that he and his staff are worth the extra $ I have to pay!! Love the office, love the staff and Dr. Waggener is the best!  



                                   - Judy

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